Got side effects to COVID vaccine?

Become a SELF-DOCTOR & take care of yourself in 4 clicks.

Self-medication advice on how to safely use non-prescription (OTC) medicines to self-treat side effects of COVID vaccine, including pain, swelling, fever & more. Its easy. Its free.

What is soctor?

  • Do-It-Yourself service
  • Designed by doctors
  • Enter your symptoms
  • Get algorithm generated self-care advice
  • To self-manage minor health problems

How it works

1. Generate advice

Enter your symptoms/complaints and generate free self-medication advice

2. Get medicines

As per advice grab medicines available at home or purchase from nearby pharmacy

3. Take medicines

Take medicines as per instruction & get relief from health problems

Its safe & its easy

  • Self-care advice developed by doctors
  • Reviewed by expert doctors for safety & efficacy
  • Its easy. Just 4 clicks
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